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Were did the time go?

Posted in Trip Reports on December 26th, 2007 by Kip – Be the first to comment

Here are some of the highlights to the season that was 2007. The first picture is Joseph Meyer from One More Cast In Chicago with probably the nicest fish of the year. 5+ lbs. The picture doesn’t do the fish justice. The second is my son Truman with his first true fish on the fly rod. The last to are a couple of Musky that were boated during the “Trip from Hell.”

I can’t believe it is the day after Christmas! I see that my last post was late August. I’m sorry for not doing a better job of keeping everyone up to date. I will try harder this coming year. When the season is rolling and it is one trip after another, post on a blog is not number 1 on the to do list. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and the celebration of our Saviors birth was a blessed one.
Well show season starts in just over a month. Thoughts of the summer to come will begin to creep into our minds and the hope that it will bring another fabulous summer of fishing. This last season was one of the better I can remember. We landed many nice fish and shared wonderful hours on the river with each other.

I am busy starting to tie some flys, looking for that magic bug that will drive the fish crazy. Tying is not one of my favorite past times but it keeps me out of trouble and thinking of different ways to fish and present fly in a more effective manner.

The boy from Tight Lines and I held our annual meeting on Christmas Eve Morning. This has become a bit of a tradition and I really look forward to it each year. We sit around drinking coffee and swapping stories from the past year. We did come up with the dates for the Smallmouth trip From Hell you have heard me talk about. This years trip is June 18 thru the 21st. We will start in Green Bay and work our way west. Four of the best smallmouth rivers in the country in four days. If you are interested in this trip let me know. We are only taking a max of four boats. Spots will not last long.
I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and stop by and see us at the shows.

Welcome Back Gary!!!

Posted in Trip Reports on August 31st, 2007 by Kip – Be the first to comment

One of my very good and dear friends made it back! It was a joy to have Gary back in the boat after some heart trouble earlier this year. We weren’t ten minutes into the trip and Gary had his first fish on a black popper. I think the Lord was saying to both of us that it would be a great day to be alive and he didn’t disappoint. Here’s to many more trips Gary and more large smallmouth.

The bass are really going strong and with September here tomorrow it will only get better. The big boys are going to start their fall feed bag soon and if you want to be apart of it there are still a few choice dates left.

Joseph Meyer from One More Cast in Chicago land with a 20 inch, 5 1/2 lb giant. More fish like this are going to be eating this fall.

Trico Time and a day off!

Posted in Trip Reports on August 9th, 2007 by Kip – 3 Comments

Well I had a cancellation yesterday. This gave me a chance for me to do some fishing. I headed east to the Rush River to enjoy a morning of Trico fishing. I sometimes forget in the heat of the smallmouth season what a great resource we have in our Western Wisconsin Spring Creeks. I had the whole river to myself and the bugs were coming of in droves. It was truly a beautiful morning to be alive in God’s creation. I worked pod after pod of rising fish. Once I got into trout mode things began to click. It takes me a good half hour to get used to casting those delicate Trico patterns to smaller fish than I’m used to. To go from a size 2 streamer to a size 22 Trico spinner pattern is quit the culture shook for me this time of year. If you have a chance to get over and enjoy some early mornings on these great rivers i would recommend it. Don’t forget the bass. They are really going strong and it is the heart of the season now!! They are really eating and some big fish are being taken.
Keep casting and God Bless,

The quest for 20

Posted in Trip Reports on July 26th, 2007 by Kip – Be the first to comment

Many of my customers are on the quest for the illusive 20″ smallmouth. Well one of them reached his goal on July 24th. Duane Phinney has been chasing large smallmouth with me for three years and all his hard work paid off. Duane got this brute on a popper making it all the better. Duane is a big smallmouth addict and I think they are now his number 1 target with the fly. The big fish are finally starting to make the presence known and the fishing the last few weeks has been very good. The temperatures are warm and so is the fishing. If you would like to chase some brutes of your own give us a call.

Keep Casting and God Bless,


We survived the trip from hell!

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The trip from hell was one of the best trips I have ever been apart of. I think everyone that participated had and outstanding time . A lot of fish were caught including a couple of Muskie’s. The rivers that we fished were great and we had a little of everything weather wise. Fishing four rivers in four days is a lot of work but well worth it. Each day brought a new river and a new adventure. Traveling across Minnesota and Wisconsin like a band of fly fishing Gypsies was the real test. After each days fishing the caravan would roll to the next destination. Stopping for dinner and then hopefully some sleep before the next day began. To say we were in it would be and understatement. It was great fun! When the trip ended Bart Landwehr(King of the North Woods and my partner in this adventure) looked at each other and we couldn’t believe that it was over. We wanted to do it again. I guess we will but it will have to be next year. Thanks to all again and if you would like to get a spot on next years trip let us know and we will put you on the waiting list. The fishing is good so get out there. If you would like a date for this year there are still a select few dates open.
Keep Casting,

6/10/07 report

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Well things are starting to get good. The fishing has been pretty good as of late. I’m getting ready for the Smallmouth trips from hell that are starting this Saturday. Look for a full report at the end of June. Both the St. Croix and the Mississippi are fishing pretty well. The numbers are there it is the size we are looking for. With the warm weather forecasted for this week things should really start to heat up. Get out and enjoy our great waters.

God Bless and Keep Casting,


It’s finally here!

Posted in Trip Reports on May 30th, 2007 by Kip – Be the first to comment

Well, the bass season has finally arrived! There is so much going on this time of year one has a hard time trying to focus on one thing. The trout fishing is in fun swing on the spring creeks bugs are everywhere and the fish are looking to eat. The driftboat is looking at me and wondering when we are going to go. Well we did a lot of both this week. Last week I had a trip down to the Driftless region of Wisconsin. The fishing was pretty good and in between the thunder boomers we managed to catch several nice brown trout including an 18″. Then it was off to a graduation party for the weekend. Memorial Day then found me on the St. Croix River scouting for the upcoming Smallmouth Trip from Hell . I was joined by two of the best smallmouth guides in the business Bart Landwehr and Matt Olson from Tight Lines Fly Shop in DePere Wisconsin. To say we had a good time would be an understatement. There is nothing better than a guides day off with two of the best smallie hunters I know. We all caught several nice fish despite the 30 MPH winds. I think I took big fish honors. Those two might beg to to differ. The next day found Bart and I along with guide in training Brett Nelson floating the Upper Mississippi. Once again the wind decided to blow. It stated out slow but things picked fast. Several nice fish were caught with most coming on top water flies. This week I hope to get out for an evening with a future guide and one of my best fishing partners my daughter Grace to chase brown trout that are sipping sulfurs. Stayed tuned because were just getting started.

Keep casting and God Bless!


Spring is Here?

Posted in Trip Reports on February 28th, 2007 by Kip – Be the first to comment

Well their calling for another foot of snow in the next couple of days. I don’t know if spring has sprung or if it is on hold. I guess let it snow we need the moistures for the rivers and trout streams. I look at the calendar and Wisconsin’s early C&R season is just 3 days away. It must be spring. You might need a good pair of snowshoes to get to the streams, but it will be worth it.

Show season is also in full swing. I would like to thank everyone at the Grear Waters Show in Chicago for stopping by and saying hello. It was a very nice show and next year should be even better. I have a few more that I’ll be attending and hopefully will see more of you.

The March/April edition of Eastern Fly Fishing has something very exciting in it, if you ask me. It is my first full lenght article. Look for the St. Croix River article and you’ll see my name. I am kind of blown away by the whole thing. It is a pretty cool experiance to say the least.

We still have a few openings for our Sping Creek Weekend. It is on the weekend of April 19th-22nd. It will be held in Coon Valley and should be a great time to be fishing. There should be lots of bugs on the water. Give me a call if your interested, or if you would like more information.

I know there is a lot of snow out there, but get out there and fish. Spring is kind of here and it should be a great year.

Good Luck,