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50 Waters in all 50 states in 50 days.

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_mg_1332wi_71Some of you have probably have heard me talking about this epic journey.  I was lucky enough to be a guide for this great trip. I represented  state number 33  on the St. Croix river for my home state Wisconsin.  Jeff and his son Taylor were great boat mates and a pleasure to guide.  We floated on a not so great day.  Temperatures were in the high 50′s in the morning.  This does not usually bode well for smallmouth.  We set off and in a few minutes Jeff had caught his first smallmouth ever on a fly.  It wasn’t very big but he had done it.  We floated down river and Taylor decided that he was going to throw for Muskies.  He tossed the topwater plug with authority and was rewarded by his first musky hook up.  It didn’t last long but we did see the first and with that he had a bad case of Musky fever.  All in all it was a great day and I made some good friends that hopefully I’ll have the chance to fish with again.    Here  are some stories about our day on the water.

Starting to heat up!

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Well the river is in great shape and the bass are starting to play. Was out yesterday and fished top water most of the day. Several nice fish were taken. It was nice to see some sunshine for a change. Be careful with the hook boys they can leave a mark. _mg_0995img_1007_mg_0999_mg_1003

Driftless with Grace.

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Grace's First Brownlodge-002








Well here is the first post on the new format and I believe for 2009.  Grace and I decided to sneak away last weekend.  We were in need of some serious father /daughter time.  I called my friend Steve at the Mayfly Lodge to see if he had a last minute opening.  He did and we packed up and headed down to one of my favorite area in the country, the driftless.  We were greeted by Steve and his gracious wife Deb at the Mayfly.  It was everything that we wanted.  Grace fell in love with the place.  The hosts made sure we were well taken care of.  We originally were only staying the one night, but we had such a wonderful day on Saturday that we stayed Saturday night also.  The view and accomodations are outstanding and did I mention the trout stream running next to it. 

The highlight of course for the weekend was Grace catching her first Brown trout all by herself.  Her casting was as good as she has ever done.  The light definitely went on for here.  Many thanks to all the fine casting instructors that have working with her the last few years.(Joseph Meyer, Tom Andersen and others I’m forgetting)  I wish I was a better writer cause my words can’t describe what a feeling I had when I saw that indicator jump and Grace lift on that fish.  All the struggles and tears that she has had over the years finally payed off for her.  You can tell in the picture how proud she was.  What you can’t see is the fat bald guy who is taking her picture.  I know my smile was just as big if not bigger.  These are the moments that God has blessed me with fatherhood for.   Shame on any father who doesn’t take the time and spend time with their children.   You will never now the feeling I have had, and that to me is a tragedy.  I’m not saying I’m the father of the year, but it is these moments that will live in Grace’s memory long after I’m dead and gone.  Isn’t that what parenting is all about?  Building good memories that our children can hold on to and our love along with it.  Thanks, for listening to my rant and let me know your thought. 

God Bless,


2008 a look back

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What a great year 2008 was! We caught a lot of real trophy fish this last year and had a great time doing so. I’m really looking forward to 2009 and spending some more time on the great water we have in this neck of the woods. I continue to learn more about these great fisheries and how good they really are.
God has blessed me with great clients and great resources to use. 2009 might have a different look to it. I continue to struggle on how to make this thing a permanent job. With the tough economic times and jobs getting harder to find things might be a bit different. I will still guide this summer but it might be scaled back just a bit. I have been fostering other guides to work for Wildwood and believe I now have some of the best rivers guides you can find. As I watch the snow fall I keep thinking about high water for the spring and all those smallmouth sitting tight to the bank for the taking.
I hope everyone has had a great Christmas holiday and that the Lord has blessed you! Please continue to keep me in your prayers and I can’t wait to see what God has for me and Wildwood Float Trips in 2009.
New for this year I am offering Fly tying and fly casting class through the Edina Community Education program. Please visit their site for details.
Tying Class starts February 10th and meet Tuesdays nights until March 10th
Fly Casting Classes will again meet on Tuesday nights form April 14th – May 12th
Appearances for 2009
St. Paul Fly Tyers February 5th
Badger Fly Fishers Show Madison WI February 7th
Great Waters Chicago February 20th-22nd
We are taking booking for 2009 so if you need a date please contact us.
Thanks to everyone that has touched my life in such a positive way. Here is to a great God and big fish filled 2009.