No Turkey but…….

My daughter Grace and I had a great time near Grantsburg Turkey hunting. We didn’t get our bird but, we had an experience that neither of us will ever forget.
While sitting Saturday morning overlooking our decoys we had a surprise. I looked at Grace and asked her if she was alright. It was 5:30 AM and I don’t think she has ever gotten up that early for anything. This was our second morning and needless to say she was feeling it. She gave me a thumbs up. Grace was sitting to my right so she could see up the hill and I was a few yard away looking down at our decoys were we had seen a couple of Toms the day before. Shortly after she gave me the thumbs up I heard her whisper “I think I see a Bear.” Being a good father I thought for sure that see was giving me the needle like she has been known to do. A few seconds later the same sentence came out of here mouth. I gave her the SHHHH and proceeded to give a few hen yelps to bring in those Toms. I glanced over to her again and this time I was greeted by her eyes that were now as big as saucers. All she said was “Bear” very softly nodding up the hill. I turned around and sure enough there he was. I looked back at Grace and almost started to laugh. I then remebered my camera and wanted to get a picture. I got it out turned it on but couldn’t find the bear in the veiw finder. I guessed at it and took the picture. He didn’t care for the flash of the camera and proceeded to jump at us a bit and grunt. I quickly got to my feet and yelled at him. He took off running and Grace and I looked at each other in total amazement. After we calmed down I paced off the distance and he was less than 15 yards away. Needless to say it was quit the morning. Nothing was gobbling so we decided to go bluegill fishing. We had very good success and enjoyed a great fish fry. This weekend marks the opening weekend of the Smallmouth season and I will be out there looking for my favorite fish on a fly. Update on the holiday weekend will follow. Good luck to everyone.


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