Driftless with Grace.

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Well here is the first post on the new format and I believe for 2009.  Grace and I decided to sneak away last weekend.  We were in need of some serious father /daughter time.  I called my friend Steve at the Mayfly Lodge to see if he had a last minute opening.  He did and we packed up and headed down to one of my favorite area in the country, the driftless.  We were greeted by Steve and his gracious wife Deb at the Mayfly.  It was everything that we wanted.  Grace fell in love with the place.  The hosts made sure we were well taken care of.  We originally were only staying the one night, but we had such a wonderful day on Saturday that we stayed Saturday night also.  The view and accomodations are outstanding and did I mention the trout stream running next to it. 

The highlight of course for the weekend was Grace catching her first Brown trout all by herself.  Her casting was as good as she has ever done.  The light definitely went on for here.  Many thanks to all the fine casting instructors that have working with her the last few years.(Joseph Meyer, Tom Andersen and others I’m forgetting)  I wish I was a better writer cause my words can’t describe what a feeling I had when I saw that indicator jump and Grace lift on that fish.  All the struggles and tears that she has had over the years finally payed off for her.  You can tell in the picture how proud she was.  What you can’t see is the fat bald guy who is taking her picture.  I know my smile was just as big if not bigger.  These are the moments that God has blessed me with fatherhood for.   Shame on any father who doesn’t take the time and spend time with their children.   You will never now the feeling I have had, and that to me is a tragedy.  I’m not saying I’m the father of the year, but it is these moments that will live in Grace’s memory long after I’m dead and gone.  Isn’t that what parenting is all about?  Building good memories that our children can hold on to and our love along with it.  Thanks, for listening to my rant and let me know your thought. 

God Bless,


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