More Musky Fun

Many thanks to all the great fly fishers that have joined me this fall on my Musky Pilgrimage.  We boated some very nice fish and sad to say lost many more.   I never thought getting a good hook set on a Musky would present such a challenge.  It is a challenge that I am up for.   Seeing those monsters attack and then slip away has me waking up at night in a cold sweat.   Special thanks to Bill Andrews!!  He is the man.  Bill fought some nasty conditions this past Saturday(see above snow photo) and also lost a beast of a fish.  How it got off still has me shaking my head.  All we wanted that day was a picture of a nice Musky in the snow.  We came close.  Here is what he had to say after that snowy Saturday.

Sell your 5/6 and 7/8 weight rods, and all your dry flies and nymphs. Toss out any tippet under 40lb test wire. Then, invest in a 10wt rod and time on the river with Kip in October and November fishing for muskies.
Over the past two weeks, I spent 3 full days on the rivers with Kip and I’m hooked. We only caught one Musky but hooked several monsters. We did manage to land a few nice Pike. And NO ONE else was on the river.
It’s a totally unique experience. I HIGHLY recommend it!!
Thanks for the kind words Bill and we will get you one of those monsters soon!!!   There is still time before the rivers ice up.  Give me a call if you think you are tough enough.  Bill has set the bar pretty high!
Kip Vieth and the Wildwood Family

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