We are spoiled!!!

We’ll we got back form the Bighorn river last Monday night. We had a great time despite the 50mph winds and the 3,000 people that also thought it would be a great weekend to fish. Not many fish were caught, and Grace didn’t get one either. She is however hooked for life. She got to sample Montana and the West. I think she fell in love with it. I told her if she had a great time on this trip she’ll really love when the weather is better and the fish are a bit more willing to play. She toughed out the worst conditions that I’ve fished in for some time and was willing to keep at it. She proved her salt and is welcome on any trip.
The experience really got me thinking. Man do I have it good here in the Upper Midwest. There are hardly any crowds on the rivers I fish and the fishing really is world class. If I see one or two boats on the water during the day I wonder what is going on. I know that this is going to start happening more and more as people learn how good we have it, but I can never see it as bad as I did this last weekend. There were at least three people in each hole and I bet we saw at least 100 boats on Sunday.
I encourage everyone to step back a little and look what we have right in front of us. The fishing here is as good as anywhere. It might not be trout but I’ll take a 18″ smallmouth over a 18″ trout any day of the week. We are blessed to live in such a great area that is basically unknown.

Get out and enjoy it!!!!


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