What should you bring...

Fly Rod and Reel Gear
1. Smallmouth Bass: We strongly recommend a modern 8 ½’ to 9’ graphite fly rod matched to a 7 or 8 weight, weight forward, Bass Bug taper (RIO Smallmouth, SA Titan Taper, Orvis Bankshot)floating fly line. The rod should be matched with a durable, click-drag or disc drag reel capable of holding the fly line and 100 yards of 20 lb backing.

Although lighter rods can be used to catch smallmouth bass, we use 8-weights primarily because they allow the angler to cast large flies with ease and quickly fight a fish in heavy current (critical to releasing a fish with best possibility of survival).

2. For Musky we recommend a 9ft 10-12 wt modern graphite fly rod matched with a intermediate sink tip line. (Rio Musky) The rod should be matched with a disc drag reel with 100 yards of 35lb backing.

Misc. gear that is needed
1. A valid Wisconsin/Minnesota fishing license.(Depends on what water we are fishing and what state you are a resident of. Your guide will clarify this for you if you have questions)In addition, we strongly recommend the following:
2. Polarized sunglasses-MUST HAVE (eye protection)
3. Raingear
4. Clothing appropriate to weather conditions: (e.g. quick drying shirts and shorts/pants in summer; fleece for cooler weather)
5. Sunscreen and bug dope
6. Small towel
7. Change of clothes
8. Sandals or other shoes that can get wet (for getting in/out of driftboat)
9. Camera
10. Binoculars
11. Personal medication (if needed)

We are more than happy to recommend flies, but given the constantly-changing feeding habits of our quarry and seasonal insect hatches, we recommend you or talk to your guide for specific fly patterns and sizes.